Cement Portland CP V-ARI Premium

As the name suggests, this cement is considered a premium product when the work is a question of speed. Due to its specific physical-chemical characteristics, ARI delivers high performance and was especially developed for use in industrial processes or projects that require quick demolding, with elevated initial and final resistance.


The Cement Portland CP V-ARI Premium can be used for premolded cement elements, such as: beams, pillars, posts and slabs, in concrete blocks and interlocking concrete pavers, reinforces and prestressed concrete – with a longer span, rolled or pneumatically projected or for high performance (HPC) in special mortars such as grout, wall finishes and concrete repairs, in addition to industrial or highway pavement and for applications that require quick liberation for use.


As this is a special cement, CP V ARI Premium Premium features high initial and final resistance and was developed specifically for processes that utilize additives, such as superfluidizers. It offers gains in productivity, since it reaches 20 MPa (Mega Pascal) in just 16 hours. Demolding is fast, which results in quick liberation for large projects. In addition, this product offers greater ease of handling, greater durability in function of its high resistance and maintains a constant color due to the raw material selection process.


How to use the cement